Tour through memories of Godinje

I remember those summer days; they were so warm, and even with no air conditioner it was so easy to breathe. I was breathing deep, absorbing all the scents and the colors, all the care and all the emotions. Those long days were too short to accomplish all of my boy’s “businesses” at the time.

There were just few gadgets available for us children. Small FM radio with tape recorder and couple of cassettes of pop music, the gift from a cousin, were the real treat. I was able to sit for hours postponing a bedtime waiting to record some of the newest hits to finally make my own music compilation. I suppose that if you are born after ’90s you have no idea what I am talking about, right?

That was an analog era approaching to its end. No electronics to stare at and type on it during the big part of the day yet so many other children ready to play, many hidden places to investigate and old houses to sneak in, pets to take care of, steep rocky hills to conquer, warm lake water to swim and fish.

All of that colorful space was our playground. I remember no strict rules, no boundaries, no fences, but somehow we knew exactly how to behave. Godinje’s grandpas and grandmas were keen to grant children’s small wishes and children were ready to help elder. It was hard to get up from the bed before dawn to help my father in the vineyard but those mornings are pretty hard to forget. Even in the late afternoon I would leave the playmates so I can help my father to reap of lateral shoots from a grapevine canes. My brother and I were involved in the grape growing and wine making since we were little. So it is wasn’t surprise for anyone when I decided to study agriculture and become an agronomist. Just maybe it was a little surprising for my father when he realised that now he has to listen to an expert and adjust traditional production to the modern trends.

The first thing I see through my window when I wake up in the morning is the vast lake surface mirroring surrounding hills. Quite a privilege, isn’t it? Reflecting huge amount of the sunlight to the vineyards in the Godinje’s valley, Lake Skadar takes most of the credit for the high quality of our grapes and wine. There is something alluring about the lake. Mostly very calm and friendly, sometimes shows its power and wildness. From the earliest age I’ve been advised to be cautious when I’m close or at the lake. It was so hard to resist temptation to borrow some of the local’s wooden boat, paddle to the edge of the water lilies and jump in the warm water. The lake was packed with the different types of fish. All I needed was the piece of the bent and sharpen wire and some nylon string to catch my first one. Since then I’m hooked on angling for my whole life.

As you could assume by now, that is not only thing I`m hooked on. Summer days are still warm and long, there is still no air conditioner, but Godinje is still the place where I can breathe easily. Those long days are still too short for all of my adult`s business.

So that is the story how I ended up here, returned to my beginnings. If you liked my story and want to hear some more about Godinje and Montenegro I could be your guide and host so we could continue the story enjoying homemade wine and food. Welcome to Godinje.

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